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Omega Constellation Watch Vintage

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A classic, timeless and elegant watch, the omega constellation watch vintage is a timepiece of beauty and precision. The Constellation has a rich history of design, materials and innovation. It's a favorite of collectors and is often found in solid gold, platinum and stainless steel.

In 1952, the Omega Constellation was introduced. The first of its kind, the Constellation was the world's first mass-produced chronometer. The watch's features included pie-pan dials, diamond-shaped hour markers and onyx stick markers. These were a far cry from the clunky dials of the past.

Today, the Constellation family includes a wide range of watches. From the ultra-thin quartz watches of the 1970s to the sportier, 'time computer' style of the 2010s, the Constellation line has undergone a number of aesthetic changes. However, the Constellation still holds the honour of being the earliest watch to feature an integrated bracelet.

Another major advancement was the 'C-shape' case. This case, which measures 36mm in diameter, is also very heavy. It was designed to be water resistant. To achieve this, the gasket for the crystal was held against the case by four claws, which were secured by screws through the caseback. They were a technical solution to the thin case.

The most prominent attribute of the Omega Constellation is its accuracy. Its 360-degree smooth rotor automatics are among the most accurate movements in the industry. Moreover, it has a long power reserve. Most Constellation models come equipped with Master Chronometer movements. If you're looking for a luxury men's dress watch, a Constellation is a good bet. Several are available with fancy, semi-precious stone dials and bracelets.

Another notable feature is the eight stars of the watch. Each of the stars represents a chronometer record. For instance, six stars represent first place awards, and one represents a world record.

During the golden age of the Constellation, a model in 18ct solid yellow gold with a high-quality, highly efficient automatic movement was the king of the hill. Having one of these watches in your collection can be worth more than a Rolex Day-Date President, although the latter will likely have more value. Currently, prices vary widely depending on the size and other attributes of the watch. Typical prices are $499 to $178,369.

There are many different vintage Omega Constellation watches to choose from. However, a number of the earliest versions of this watch were manufactured with Seamaster crowns. As a result, many fake Omega crowns have entered the market. Therefore, it is important to be careful.

While it's not difficult to find an original Omega crown, finding a real one is not always easy. Many fake crowns have flooded the market, making the hunt for an original a challenging task. Nonetheless, the constume is an iconic piece of history and is a must-have for any collector.

The most significant feature of the Omega Constellation is the fact that it was one of the first chronometers to be produced in quantity. Even today, it is one of the most popular watches in the industry.

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