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kurga: buat koje sambil mem forem
13-4-2021 12:37 PM Reply|
BoyStim38: Melancap
11-4-2021 03:37 AM Reply|
J4I: Im a dumb dumb
11-4-2021 02:31 AM Reply|
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5-4-2021 10:31 PM Reply|
profacgen8844: Membrane Structure Prediction        Membrane proteins constitute one third of all genes in the human genome, and they play critical roles in cells .. ...
31-3-2021 11:45 PM Reply|
profacgen8844: CHO expression        Mammalian cell expression systems are the best choice for the production of eukaryotic proteins, especially when correct foldi.. ...
31-3-2021 11:44 PM Reply|
profacgen8844: Baculovirus-insect Cell Expression System        Insect cells closely resemble mammalian cells and have better chances to produce soluble proteins with.. ...
31-3-2021 11:42 PM Reply|
profacgen8844: Homology Modeling        The three-dimensional structure of a protein is essential to the understanding of its biological function and the design of drug ca.. ...
31-3-2021 11:42 PM Reply|
profacgen8844: Fusion Protein Modeling        Fusion proteins are a class of proteins where two or more protein domains (or segments of sequences) are fused and inte.. ...
31-3-2021 11:41 PM Reply|
profacgen8844: Fold Recognition        Knowledge about the tertiary structure of a protein is critical for understanding of its biological function and for the discovery of.. ...
31-3-2021 11:40 PM Reply|
profacgen8844: Lysate Preparation        Profacgen provides custom lysate preparation service to meet your scientific requirements for downstream analysis... ...
31-3-2021 11:40 PM Reply|
profacgen8844: Bioinformatics Software Development        Bioinformatics focuses on the development of methods and software tools for understandin.. ...
31-3-2021 11:39 PM Reply|
matexcel8843: Graphene Graphene Oxide Graphene Film Graphene Sheets        Graphene is an atomic-scale honeycomb lattice made of carbon atoms. It is the world's fir ...
31-3-2021 11:38 PM Reply|
matexcel8843: Hydroxyapatite        Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is a naturally occurring mineral of biological and agricultural importance. It is a member of .. ...
31-3-2021 11:37 PM Reply|
matexcel8843: Bioglass        Bioglass is a material using silica (glass) as the host material, incorporated with calcium and phosphorous to fuse broken bone.. ...
31-3-2021 11:34 PM Reply|
matexcel8843: non-metallic biomaterial TCP powder        Ceramics, categorized as inorganic and non-metallic biomaterial, have drawn increasing attention as they poss. ...
31-3-2021 11:33 PM Reply|
lifeasible8848: RNA Pull Down        RNA pull down is a popular RNA-centric approach to study RNA-protein.. ...
31-3-2021 11:32 PM Reply|
lifeasible8848: RNA Electrophoretic Mobility Shift        As a leader specialized in .. ...
31-3-2021 11:32 PM Reply|
lifeasible8848: Pull-down        In living cells, proteins that function in the same or related pathways work .. ...
31-3-2021 11:31 PM Reply|
lifeasible8848: Protein Subcellular Localization        Accurate protein subcellula.. ...
31-3-2021 11:30 PM Reply|
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